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Kaleidoscope Competitive Advantages

Our team at Kaleidoscope has designed and developed this business marketing system to function, operate, and perform above and beyond client expectations and industry competitors. We recognized a fundamental lack of economical, customizable unique systems in digital signage, and set out to make Kaleidoscope (Patent Pending) the most dynamic in-office marketing system available today.

When it comes to dental and medical practices, extensive studies have shown that “less is more” is the best approach in regards to how much clinical information you should have in your reception area. The whole purpose of in-office marketing is to engage your clients with entertaining and dynamic content that speaks to them on a personal level, and forges lasting bonds, while letting them know more about you, your team, and your services. Repetitive clinical messages simply don’t accomplish that purpose effectively. But a dynamic, polished, exciting system that captures attention with entertaining content DOES! Kaleidoscope is also silent, to prevent distractions from important conversations at your reception desk, or between you and your client and to eliminate the “boring infomercial” effect of other systems.

Kaleidoscope customer support is committed to helping our clients through scheduled webinars, create digital marketing displays that are completely unique. The variety and quality of preset layouts make it easy to have a top-notch, professional display in your waiting area. You can even schedule seasonal layouts and special promotions.

Your account automatically includes scheduled holidays that you choose during the initial quick and easy setup. The Kaleidoscope system is affordable, customizable, and absolutely effective where it counts the most – in building connections with your clients and patients.

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