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Kaleidoscope’s Opportunities include Licensing, Channel Partners & Distributors

You will benefit from:
  • New revenue streams
  • A quick and easy way to sell a new product
  • Patent-pending technology

Kaleidoscope is the perfect addition to your product offerings,and bundles well with these businesses:

  • imgAdvertising
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • IT Services
  • Web & Social Media

A great way to be a champion with your clients is to offer Kaleidoscope! When you choose to work with Kaleidoscope, we can tailor the opportunity in a variety of ways including; classic distribution, white labeling, licensing or a hybrid.

The power of digital marketing offers a content-rich display, personalized for any business, plus it will showcase your clients' unique services.


You can shorten your time in launching a new tested and proven product with Kaleidoscope. Plus, attract new customers and maximize your growth. Our effective sales training will get you started quickly.

You will benefit from trusted experts; as our executive team has a wealth of experience.

Ask us about our Finder’s Fee!


How your clients will benefit from Kaleidoscope:

  • Builds and strengthens relations which encourages referrals and retention
  • Customization gives them flexibility and control of their content
  • New services will be discovered

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