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Digital Signage and In-Office Marketing System Testimonials

Our clients are amazingly creative in combining their pictures and information into industry-specific Kaleidoscope displays, as well as using the advanced editing system to create unique imgand amazing digital signage for their business marketing programs. We at Kaleidoscope love to hear success stories from our clients that let us know how Kaleidoscope is working in offices every day. If you have a story about your Kaleidoscope system experience, please click here and share it with us!

Kaleidoscope is "the Apple product" of this industry. Like Apple products, it's intuitive, easy to use, has a cool look and overall is way ahead of any competition.

imgSome of the other waiting area products I have seen become boring and lose people's interest way too fast.

This product is designed to put sizzle in your waiting room. I didn't want something with canned junk that I have no control over. My ultimate goal is not to have it be so technical, but to have creative flexibility. That is key—I want the ability to design an entertaining, yet informative waiting area display, and Kaleidoscope gives me that.

Until Kaleidoscope, nothing out there was equipped to be as eye-catching, flexible, and user-friendly. My staff actually has fun uploading photos and information because it is so easy to use. Patients and parents are mesmerized by it and absolutely love watching it!


imgRecently one of my patients and his father were watching Kaleidoscope as they were waiting for their first consultation. When I met the father, he promptly said 'If you can make my son's teeth look like the picture on the screen of your other patient's teeth, using the technology I saw, then we are definitely sold.' They signed up for treatment that day.img


—Dr. Phil Parker, Orthodontist/Pediatric Dentist

imgKaleidoscope is a great addition to both of our offices. It ties in well with our efforts to be progressive in our treatment approaches and our office environment. The content is fresh and adds a visual uniqueness to our reception areas that was unachievable with traditional artwork. People are always captivated by the imagery!img

—Tripp Leitner, DMD, Thomas & Leitner Orthodontics

imgWe are passionate about helping our patients live everyday to the fullest, and enjoy their life in optimum health and vitality. Kaleidoscope is key and essential to provide educational moments that highlight Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine; plus Weight Loss Programs. Kaleidoscope displays our unique approach to heath and wellness, and patients find ways to impact their health in positive ways that they may not have thought of before.img

—Dr. Catherine Waller, M.D., Waller Wellness Center

For years, I have had to spend too much time crafting my own presentations for a screen in my reception area and a screen I have at a mall kiosk. With Kaleidoscope, I am creating cool displays with ease! I love the versatility Kaleidoscope has to display marketing messages, patient photos, and office events, and then throw in other information at different times as I choose. I also like how simple it is to make changes—a turnkey approach.

I’ve seen other programs that have more of a patient education focus, but that really is more appropriate for the consultation room. In the reception area, I want something to engage people, help them pass the time, and in the process learn specific things about me and my practice—my treatment philosophy, continuing education, kid’s club program, and activities. Kaleidoscope is allowing me to influence people in positive ways, through bits and pieces of information surrounded by fun, entertaining imagery.


—Dr. Marc Olsen, Orthodontist

imgIn my waiting area a parent genuinely thanked me for showing Kaleidoscope!
She mentioned her relief that it was not blaring TV news or other shows like other doctor's offices she visits. She raved about how relaxing and entertaining the images and content are on Kaleidoscope.img

—Dr. Dempsey Smith, Orthodontist

What I like most about Kaleidoscope is that it pulls people in because there is something interesting on the screen that is not always related to my office—news, weather, sports and they don't just tune out. People are intrigued to watch the screen, and then learn a few things here and there about my practice, reward program, promotions, contests, and my referral program.

imgKaleidoscope's preset layouts and easy setup were great to get it up and running fast. I like the flexibility it has so that I now can edit or add my own information whenever convenient, or whenever an event comes up. I'm also able to easily cross-promote my two offices.

Like any marketing, you have to show things at least seven times before people act. Kaleidoscope reinforces messages we have on our website, in our on-hold messaging, in our print materials, and things we say verbally to our patients. Some other waiting room products I've seen have too much clinical patient education that could confuse or freak people out.

This display gives people something to do while in my reception area instead of just watching TV like I used to have—and it benefits me because of the marketing that is mixed in.

Most importantly, Kaleidoscope is a "feel good" tool for relationship building. It is revolving information for a revolving audience.


—Dr. Bronwen Richards, Orthodontist

Wonderful! Patients love the vivid pictures, the news and weather feeds, and the customized layouts. It gives our office a high tech, modern feel. Customer support is excellent. Thank you!

—Dr. David Engen, Orthodontist & Periodontist

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