Kaleidoscope Provides Many Benefits

  • Initial customization for no charge ($1,200 value), then just plug ’n play!
  • You’ll start with ~1 hour of content (~300 layouts) and 40% will change without you doing anything!
    – 50 professionally-designed layouts change every month automatically
    – 70 scheduled seasonal/holiday layouts change throughout the year
  • No setup fee
  • Builds and strengthens relationships
  • New products and services will be discovered
  • Helps garner referrals and retention
  • Excellent customer service, including free training
  • Change your content on the fly with our Instant Layout Display
  • Let clients know about your information in a different and impactful way
  • Industry specific content included
  • Green, clutter and paper free

When Choosing a Digital Marketing Display, Consider what Kaleidoscope Offers

  • Superior quality layouts, templates, backgrounds, and photos
  • An abundant variety of designed layouts and templates to choose from
  • New features added regularly based on valuable client feedback
  • Kaleidoscope’s only focus is on digital marketing displays, whereas our competitors have multiple products. This is why we are dedicated to providing the best digital marketing display.
  • Industry specific videos are shortened to be more successful in a busy reception area. Whereas, other companies incorporate them full length which loses people’s interest.
  • Kaleidoscope displays exactly what you’d like, whenever you’d like it to appear. Other digital marketing tools have limited flexibility and fewer options.

A unique aspect of Kaleidoscope is that we continue to create new features that keep your display fresh, vivid, and professional, which has a great impact on how clients perceive you.

Beautiful, Intriguing Layouts

Kaleidoscope has a great Referral Program for Current Clients!

Kaleidoscope’s Most Popular Features

  • Automatic Updates – Fresh content without you doing anything!
    (Trivia, Life Tips, Health, Nature & Travel layouts added to your display regularly)
  • Instant Display – Acknowledge your patients while they are in your office. Create a layout and it will show on your display in just a few minutes!
  • Change Backgrounds – In just seconds, with the click of a button, you can have a whole new look for a layout on your display!

You can always count on Kaleidoscope to be an innovator to keep your digital marketing fresh and engaging.

 Holiday Layouts that are Pre-Scheduled to Add Some Festive Flair!