Kaleidoscope and Orthopreneur Merger

January 21, 2021
Kaleidoscope 2.0 One Stop Shop for Orthodontic, Dental, and Medical Practices


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Kaleidoscope and Orthopreneur Merge Orthodontic Marketing Technology Companies

Technology-Driven Digital Marketing and Web Design for Orthodontic, Dental, and Medical Practices

NOVATO, CALIFORNIA—January 21, 2021—Kaleidoscope [https://thekaleidoscope.com/], the leading digital marketing company for orthodontic, dental, and medical practices, has joined forces with Orthopreneur Internet Marketing [https://orthopreneur.com], which specializes in website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM) for the orthodontic and dental industries.

Under the new Kaleidoscope umbrella, the company will integrate all of the marketing services that an orthodontist, dentist, or medical practice needs to grow their business in today’s digital marketplace.

Under the leadership of experienced tech CEO Ted Teele, Kaleidoscope is building new products and implementing a rapid growth strategy to meet the ever-changing demands of online marketing to modern consumers.

“Our vision is to create a One Stop Shop for marketing orthodontic and dental practices,” says Mr. Teele. “There is an immense need for making automated, technology-driven marketing more accessible to the average orthodontic or dental practice. We all know what the technology can do; the key is enabling more practices to harness the technology quickly and effectively.”

Along with Mr. Teele’s track record of innovation and product development, this merger brings together two extremely successful marketing minds from the orthodontic industry: Kaleidoscope founder Charis Santillie, and Orthopreneur founder Mary Kay Miller.

Kaleidoscope Founder and VP of Marketing Charis Santillie said: “In the past, Mary Kay and I would refer clients to one another. With our companies now working as one, it adds value across the board and all of our clients will benefit. Everything we do now serves the purpose of helping doctors grow their practices through technology-driven marketing.”

2021 will feature numerous strategic and product announcements from Kaleidoscope. Each initiative is aimed at creating a “Painless Marketing” experience for doctors and staff.

According to Orthopreneur founder and new Kaleidoscope VP of Digital Services, Mary Kay Miller: “As a former practice manager and marketing coordinator turned marketing agency owner, I have been at the forefront of online orthodontic marketing for almost 30 years. What we’re building here is the most cutting-edge, comprehensive suite of services to grow orthodontic and dental businesses. When I worked in private practice, I used to dream about a company that could do all this. Now, to play a role in bringing it to life is very exciting.”


About Kaleidoscope 

Founded in 2011 by Charis Santillie, Kaleidoscope is a technology-driven marketing company that provides a one stop shop for orthodontic, dental, and medical practices.

Kaleidoscope built a powerful technology platform that has transformed content management into a multi-channel content marketing system that pushes stunning graphics, custom messages, and personalized posts to websites, social media, and digital signage.

With the addition of website design, advanced SEO services, and online advertising programs, Kaleidoscope offers a robust digital marketing technology stack for orthodontic marketing, dental marketing, and medical marketing. The proprietary digital technology platform is the innovative engine behind a marketing solution focused on helping practices grow and prosper.




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