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Thanks for your interest in Kaleidoscope. For a limited time, any new Kaleidoscope client who signs up for a website, digital advertising, or social media marketing will receive six months free of our “Social Suite” marketing platform!

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What You'll Get...

At your fingertips will be hundreds of ready-made, professionally designed images that you can share on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in-office digital displays. 

Our Social Suite platform has a unique combination of benefits you won’t find anywhere else, such as:

  • Orthodontic-related info (AAO content, tips, and FAQ’s for treatment)
  • Trivia and fun facts
  • Vendor content (Invisalign, LightForce, WildSmiles, and more!)
    easy-to-use dashboard for posting and scheduling
  • User-friendly image builder to create your own professional graphics
  • Initial platform setup & social media account integrations
  • Top-notch support and customer service

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Get $1500 in free content and posting software!

Think of all the time you and your team will save on brainstorming and posting content to your social feeds…

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See What Our Partners Are Saying

Dr. Michael Ragan
Dr. Michael RaganOrthodontist, International Speaker
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"Kaleidoscope absolutely engages patients in my waiting room. I repeatedly have patients asking me questions in the consult room about things they just saw on my Kaleidoscope display. It’s internal marketing that works!"
Dr. David E. Paquette
Dr. David E. PaquetteOrthodontist, International Speaker
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"Kaleidoscope is a tremendous addition to our lobby! Parents and patients have given us so many compliments, and Kaleidoscope continues working for us to bring new and exciting content! It is so compelling, we added a window display to market our practice to passersby – it is our window to the world!"
Dr. Christy Fortney
Dr. Christy FortneyOrthodontist, Schulman Group Board
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"Kaleidoscope was so easy to integrate in our office. There is such a great variety of backgrounds, pictures and videos; and the graphic quality is superb. We love the ability to preschedule content for the year. The possibilities are endless with Kaleidoscope!"
Dr. Glenn Krieger
Dr. Glenn KriegerFounder, Orthopreneurs Facebook Group, RD Group, Summit, & Podcast
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"It’s been so great having a way to send my message to patients and their parents while they’re in my office. Best of all, I don’t really ever need to think about it."
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We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

Q: How do I get this offer?
A: Sign up for a new website, digital ads program, or social media marketing.

Q: At the end of the six-month offer, what happens?
A: You can keep the Social Suite for $149/mo, or cancel it — no strings attached.

Q: Will the images and designs have my logo and branding?
A: By default, no. If you want our all-star team of designers to do some personalization of your content, that is available for an additional fee.

Q: What do I need to use the Social Suite for my in-office screens and displays?
A: We recommend a dedicated mini-PC that connects to your screens, which you can get from us. Ours come with a 3-year warranty, but we’ll give you the specs to buy your own if you want!