"Kaleidoscope was so easy to integrate in our office. There is such a great variety of backgrounds, pictures and videos; and the graphic quality is superb. We love the ability to preschedule content for the year (birthdays, contests, holidays…). The possibilities are endless with Kaleidoscope!”
Dr. Fortney
Dr. Christy Fortney
Orthodontist, Schulman Group Board
"It’s been so great having a way to send my message to patients and their parents while they’re in my office. Best of all, I don’t really ever need to think about it."
Dr. Grieger
Dr. Glenn Krieger
Founder, Orthopreneurs Facebook Group, RD Group, Summit, & Podcast
"Kaleidoscope is a tremendous addition to our lobby! Parents and patients have given us so many compliments, and Kaleidoscope continues working for us to bring new and exciting content! It is so compelling, we added a window display to market our practice to passersby – it is our window to the world!"
Dr. Paquette
Dr. David E. Paquette
Orthodontist, International Speaker
"Kaleidoscope absolutely engages patients in my waiting room. I repeatedly have patients asking me questions in the consult room about things they just saw on my Kaleidoscope display. It’s internal marketing that works!“
Dr. Ragan
Dr. Michael Ragan
Orthodontist, International Speaker
"Kaleidoscope was so easy to integrate into my practice! I love how the beautiful graphics and professional look are customized to MY brand. Their customer service is excellent!”
Dr. patricia Panucci
Dr. Patti Panucci
"Since using Kaleidoscope we have seen a direct correlation with new patient starts. Everyone keeps talking about the new SLX aligners we are offering. People can meet the team, look at amazing reviews, and see our contest winners. A true game changer for me and my patients.“
Dr. Mario Chorak
Dr. Mario Chorak
"Kaleidoscope gives us the opportunity to educate our patients. They keep it fresh by changing content regularly, while still allowing us to get our personal message out. I tried a streaming feed in the waiting room several times, but it was impossible to keep up with until we started using Kaleidoscope. Now it’s easy and consistent.“
Dr. Chmura
Dr. Louis Chmura
"I recommend Kaleidoscope with full confidence to all my clients for its efficiency, communication, beauty, ease, and the wonderful customer service by their team of professionals. It brings technology, fun, and information to the reception room.”
Rosemary Bray
Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant
"Wonderful! Patients love the vivid pictures, the news and weather feeds, and the customized layouts. It gives our office a high tech, modern feel. Customer support is excellent. Thank you!
Dr. Engen
Dr. David Engen
Periodontist and Orthodontist, WA
"Kaleidoscope is “the Apple product” of this industry. Like Apple products, it’s intuitive, easy to use, has a cool look and overall appeal…it is way ahead of any competition. Some of the other waiting area products I have seen become boring and lose people’s interest way too fast. This product is designed to put sizzle in your waiting room. I didn’t want something with canned junk that I have no control over. My ultimate goal is not to have it be so technical, but to have creative flexibility. That is key—I want the ability to design an entertaining, yet informative waiting area display, and Kaleidoscope gives me that. Until Kaleidoscope, nothing out there was equipped to be as eye-catching, flexible, and user-friendly. My staff actually has fun uploading photos and information because it is so easy to use. Patients and parents are mesmerized by it and absolutely love watching it!
Dr. Parker
Dr. Phil Parker
Orthodontist/Pediatric Dentist, OK
"What I like most about Kaleidoscope is that it pulls people in because there is something interesting on the screen that is not always related to my office—news, weather, sports and entertainment…so they don’t just tune out. People are intrigued to watch the screen, and then learn a few things here and there about my practice, reward program, promotions, contests, and my referral program. Kaleidoscope’s preset layouts and easy setup were great to get it up and running fast. I like the flexibility it has so that I now can edit or add my own information whenever convenient, or whenever an event comes up. I’m also able to easily cross-promote my two offices. Like any marketing, you have to show things at least seven times before people act. Kaleidoscope reinforces messages we have on our website, in our on-hold messaging, in our print materials, and things we say verbally to our patients. Some other waiting room products I’ve seen have too much clinical patient education that could confuse or freak people out. This display gives people something to do while in my reception area instead of just watching TV like I used to have—and it benefits me because of the marketing that is mixed in. Most importantly, Kaleidoscope is a “feel good” tool for relationship building. It is revolving information for a revolving audience.
Dr. Bronwen
Dr. Bronwen Richards
Orthodontist, IL
"Kaleidoscope allows us to promote the things that are important to us in a fun way. We can create our own “slides” or use ones that are pre-designed just for us. Now that the “new” has worn off, we are starting to make it more our own with more photos of patients, event invites, and staff birthday notices. The possibilities of what we can show off, promote and inform are endless!
Dr Scot
Dr. Scott Vincent
Vincent Team Orthodontics, UT
"A big THANK YOU to the Kaleidoscope team for making our marketing presentation so easy to create and use! I appreciate the fact that you add new content on a regular basis, so I don’t have to think about it. Your Customer Support team is always ready to help with any changes we want to make and updated graphics, text and photos are great. I highly recommend Kaleidoscope to anyone who wants to present information to their patients in a fun, new way.
Dr. Robert Burkes
Dr. Robert Burks
"Our patients enjoy all of the fun facts Kaleidoscope provides along with photos and key information about our practice. This makes their experience in the waiting room more enjoyable.
Dr. Haney
Dr. Eric Haney
Haney Orthodontics, CA
"Kaleidoscope has been an amazing upgrade to our office. It’s a great way to keep patients informed, show off before and after photos, and provides great entertainment in our waiting room without the noise of a TV.
Dr. Lance Albrechtsen
Dr. Lance Albrechtsen
Lance Albrechtsen Orthodontics, UT