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ChatGPT for orthodontic websites, content marketing, chatbots and orthodontic SEO for the internet

ChatGPT in Orthodontic Websites and Marketing

What is ChatGPT and can it be used on an orthodontic website? There is still a lot to learn and test, but the best answer is: maybe! What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a high-tech conversational chatbot. It was released on November 30th, 2022 by developer OpenAI. It is able to give articulate, [mostly] human-sounding responses

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Website domain hosting and URL selection for orthodontic and dental digital marketing by Kaleidoscope

Domain Names for Orthodontic and Dental Websites

The ins and outs of what makes a website run behind your computer screen can seem daunting and complex. But luckily, there are some common practices built into computer and web code that allow non-programmers and people without development expertise to gain a basic understanding of what is important and necessary for a successful business website.  One of

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Why Custom Content Blog article image of mother and child Kaleidoscope 2.0 One Stop Shop for Orthodontic, Dental, and Medical Practices

Why Custom Content is Important to Your Orthodontic Marketing

You may have heard the phrase “content is king”. But what in the world does that even mean? (and who does that make the queen?) As medieval sounding as a king and queen may be, the message is very much 21’st century. Content is EVERYTHING when it comes to marketing your business or practice, and without making it

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How to respond to negative online reviews in orthodontics and dentistry - blog post by Kaleidoscope - One Stop Shop for digital marketing for orthodontics

How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

We are all consumers, and as such, you have more than likely given a bad review yourself for one reason or another. It is human nature to ‘respond,’ and a natural tendency to look for bad things before searching for happy experiences. Negative reviews can contain many more ‘descriptive’ adjectives than good reviews, too. Google and Yelp are

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Google Vicinity Update impacts orthodontic SEO and Google Maps rankings for orthodontist businesses

Google Vicinity Update: the Biggest Google Update in Five Years

Google rolled out a significant update to local search results during the first week of December. The folks over at Sterling Sky broke the story, noticing a widespread shakeup in the Maps rankings on Google. They came up with the “Vicinity Update” name and with good reason… The main focus of the update is to place more emphasis

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Google My Business App Being Deleted

Managing your Google Business Profile on a mobile device is going to look different. Google is emailing business owners about the sunsetting of the Google My Business app. This announcement follows the renaming of Google My Business to Google Business Profile in 2021. You can still manage your Google Business Profile on a desktop by going to https://www.google.com/business.

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Instagram Age Verification is important for orthodontic practices to make sure their Instagram accounts are not suspended. Yoti partners with Meta and Instagram to provide an age appropriate user experience.

Age Verification on Instagram: Don’t Get Suspended!

Meta (commonly known as Facebook) is making big changes and this could impact your Instagram account. Instagram, which is owned by Meta, recently announced its new partnership with an AI-tech company called Yoti to implement age verification processes to protect young users and create a more age-appropriate experience. This new update may impact the way you access your

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asana smiles invisalign workflow project management solution with align technology, inc. kaleidoscope orthodontic marketing

Asana Smiles: Align Tech’s New Invisalign Workflow Solution

Align Technology, Inc. has partnered with Asana to create Asana Smiles: a new project management workflow solution for Invisalign-trained doctors in the U.S. Maybe you’ve heard about Align’s partnership with Asana from colleagues and peers, or maybe from Align themselves at the AAO in May. But if not, here are the details of this new strategic partnership: Align

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Kaleidoscope Announces Strategic Partnership with WildSmiles Braces

Kaleidoscope, a leading digital marketing company for orthodontic and dental practices, is partnering with WildSmiles. As a manufacturer of designer braces that turn orthodontic correction into the ultimate braces experience, WildSmiles is at the forefront of producing fun, whimsical brackets that make orthodontic treatment exciting and entertaining.

The partnership will make it easier for orthodontic practices to promote WildSmiles

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Kaleidoscope Installs Mary Kay Miller as CEO

Kaleidoscope, a leading digital marketing company for orthodontic and dental practices, has named Mary Kay Miller as Chief Executive Officer to lead the company forward. Ms. Miller, a 40-year veteran of the orthodontic industry, was the first Internet marketing consultant specializing in orthodontics in the early 2000s.

As CEO, Ms. Miller will oversee all aspects of Kaleidoscope’s operations. The company

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