Social Media Marketing

An active social media account can boost a practice’s online presence and build community awareness. Consistency and creativity in your approach will ensure that you are top of mind when a potential patient is looking at your social media page before booking a consultation.

Think of your social media pages as the storefront to your community. What do people see when they look in your “window”?

Does your practice look fun and inviting? Do you have an engaging staff that remembers their names and makes them feel welcome? Does your practice look involved in your community? This is your opportunity to convince a person to choose your practice over your competition. We have yet to meet an orthodontist that admittedly is not very good at fixing teeth. A patient can get straight teeth anywhere. They are looking for the best experience possible and your social media is the best way to spark that interest. 

Our social media strategy will position you as an active thought leader in your profession, as well as provide fun and trendy social post ideas. 

A customized social media calendar. Kaleidoscope posts to your Facebook and Instagram page 3 times per week.

Social media guidance and coaching on what YOU should post 2 days per week.

A professional graphic designer is assigned to create content specifically for your practice.

A professional researcher finds local events and & fun facts about your area.

Unlimited access to our Social Suite, which contains 1000’s of industry related and social media worthy content. Connect all of your accounts and easily schedule your posts months in advance.

Maybe you understand how important social media is.. But you also know how time consuming it can be on a daily basis. Your staff is busy. The doctor is busy.

Let us help.

Kaleidoscope will work closely with your staff to customize a social media calendar for your practice. Our team will post 3 times a week on your behalf, while coaching your team through what to post 2 days a week.

What kind of content do we post? We’re glad you asked!

Content is king! If you are posting the same debond selfie with the doctor in front of the same wall over and over again… there is a better way.

Kaleidoscope will create a mix of posts between 3 categories of content:

  • Content about your practice
  • Content about orthodontics
  • Content about your community

Plus, you will have professional graphic designer assigned to building out personalized content for your practice, along with a teammate researching