Website Design | SEO

Components for an orthodontic website

Building a website is like building a house. You need a strong foundation, layout, great curb appeal and decor, and of course… location is everything!

A strong foundation means that your website is built correctly from the beginning with SEO coded into your website from day 1. This ensures that the rest of the house can be built on top of it, and will function the way it needs to. 

Next, you want your house (and website!) to make sense and be functional. You can’t have your friends looking for your pantry inside of your bathroom, right? It needs to make sense! Your website, just like your home, needs a strong floor plan. This is your website’s navigation and set-up. If a website is confusing or makes it annoying to navigate and find basic information… people will leave.

The next step? Design! Who wants to live in an ugly house? This is your opportunity to build a strong first impression and showcase your office, staff, and different services you offer. Think of this as your opportunity to go full HGTV mode… but for your website! 

Lastly, you want people to be able to FIND your house! Imagine your friends coming over for the very first time for a dinner party and instead of giving them directions you tell them, “just drive around til you find it!”… no one would ever show up! Your website needs to be found online by current and future patients. 

All Kaleidoscope websites include the following features:

  • Personalized design consulting.
  • Fast load times based on latest Google requirements.
  • User-friendly navigation.
  • Responsive accessibility on all devices.
  • Engaging layout.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Keyword-rich content.
  • Staff training on WordPress editing.

Your website should serve as verifiable proof of your orthodontic treatment expertise. Outdated websites lead visitors to think that your practice and treatment methods may be outdated too. For this reason, a professional orthodontic website design is essential.

Responsive Web Design is the Only way to Design!

Did you know that 85% of U.S. consumers accessing the Internet are using their smartphone? This means that every website should be designed with mobile functionality first, as well as, using the latest Google mobile first indexing SEO requirements. A responsive orthodontic website design can automatically adjust its layout to properly fit all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

We have over a decade of industry experience in orthodontic SEO and website design. Our expertise in responsive design not only resolves the question of mobile capability, it also simplifies site maintenance and updating. This allows orthodontists to acquire new patients, and grow their businesses effortlessly on non-proprietary software that does not limit their editing capabilities.