Meet Our Talented Team

Just like our product, we are completely digital! Our team is remotely-based around the entire United States, and beyond. While our team may work in different cities around the world, we are unified in our mission: To empower orthodontic offices with a dynamic and painless marketing experience.

Customer Success Team

Janelle Daignault Janelle Daignault

Janelle Daignault

Customer Care Specialist

Erik Miller Erik Miller

Erik Alan Miller

SEO Virtuoso

Karen Tapia Headshot Karen Tapia Doodle Headshot

Karen Lucia Tapia Hernandez

Project Manager & Sales Operations

Bree Rankin Bree Rankin

Bree Rankin

Website Project Manager

Jesslyn Scott Jesslyn Scott

Jesslyn Scott

Website Development Assistant

My Mai My Mai

My Mai

Social Media Coordinator

David Lex Revelegia David Lex Revelegia

David Lex Revelegia

Marketing Assistant

Karlyn Tranco Karlyn Tranco

Karlyn Jane Tranco

Marketing Assistant

Ayushi Jaglan Ayushi Jaglan

Ayushi Jaglan

Digital Marketing Consultant/Ads Manager

John Nwabufo John Nwabufo

John Nwabufo

Web Developer/Digital Ad Specialist

Design Team


Luke Renn Luke Renn

Luke Renn

Graphic & Web Designer

Nadine Bayot Nadine Bayot

Nadine Bayot

Graphic Designer

Meggy Iguiron Meggy Iguiron

Meggy Iguiron

Graphic Designer

Arielle Cuadra Arielle Cuadra

Arielle Cuadra

Graphic Designer

Cram Rebucas Cram Rebucas

Cram Rebucas

Graphic Designer

Jerome Balanlay Jerome Balanlay

Jerome Balanlay

Graphic Designer

Clarisse Domingo Clarisse Domingo

Clarisse Domingo

Graphic Designer

Yonji Avendano Yonji Avendano

Yonji Avendano

Video Editor & Graphic Designer


Advisory Board