Kaleidoscope Application Help

Once you are logged in to your Kaleidoscope account, click the ‘Help’ button in the upper right corner of the screen for FAQs and helpful information about Kaleidoscope’s features.

Connecting your Kaleidoscope Computer

Instructions on how to connect your Kaleidoscope computer to your TV screen will be included in the box with your computer. You will need an HDMI cord (not included) to connect the computer to your TV screen. You will also need an Internet connection to your computer either via an Ethernet cord (not included), or your wireless network.

For your convenience, below is a list of televisions, mounts, HDMI cables, and an HDMI splitter (brands we’ve tested) that we recommend using with Kaleidoscope.


– 46″+ 1080p HDTV
(Available through stores like Best Buy, Walmart and Sears. There are many other brands and sizes of 1080p HDTVs. 46″ is the most common size used with Kaleidoscope.)

TV Mounts:

– Peerless Articulating
– Peerless Tilt
(Choose a mount that works with your TV.)

*The slim Kaleidoscope computer can be mounted on the wall behind the TV if you choose a Tilt mount or Articulating mount for the TV. A flush TV wall mount will not allow enough room for the computer.

HDMI Cables:

– Rocketfish
– AudioQuest
*Not all brands of HDMI cables work well. We highly recommend the above brands and using an HDMI cable no longer than 30 ft to provide the best display quality.

*If you need to run 50 ft HDMI cables, please work with your IT person to make sure that the quality is not compromised. Brands to consider for 50 ft HDMI cables include Monster, Rapid Run, and BlueRigger. For Rapid Run, you will also need their two-end HDMI connectors. Another option is to use an active HDMI cable which is able to carry the signal longer.

HDMI Splitter:

– TruLink® HDMI Splitter
(Purchase directly from us for $249 + shipping/tax)
Split the HDMI signal from the Kaleidoscope computer to 4 HD TV screens. One Kaleidoscope computer has 2 HDMI ports included, the splitter allows you to split the signal on 3-4 screens.
The splitter is cascadable up to 3 layers to distribute the signal to as many as 64 displays (would need to purchase multiple splitters). The built-in equalizer boosts the signal to allow cascading up to 150 feet away.

*Not all brands of HDMI splitters work with Kaleidoscope. We highly recommend purchasing this product directly from us. Technical support and 1 year warranty are provided directly by the manufacturer, C2G.
*For Kaleidoscope to appear correctly while using a splitter, all Kaleidoscope TV screens must have the same orientation (horizontal or vertical).
*When using the HDMI splitter the maximum HDMI cord length from the Kaleidoscope computer to the HDMI splitter is 30 ft. The maximum recommend HDMI cord length from the HDMI splitter to the TV displays is 50 ft. If you need to run 50 ft HDMI cables, please work with your IT person to make sure that the quality is not compromised. (see above for recommended HDMI cord brands at this length)

Simple Set Up:

There are a few ways to get set up choose whichever option you prefer!

– Do it yourself! Connecting the Kaleidoscope computer is easy simply follow the instructions that come with computer. Separately, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting your TV.

– Call your IT rep! Your IT company can set up your computer and may also be able to help with the mounting of your TV.

Connecting to the Internet:

Wired Ethernet Connection (Ethernet)
Wireless Connection (WiFi)


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