Improve the Waiting Room Experience

When clients enter your office, they are warmly greeted, and then they go to sit in your reception area to wait. Often, at that time, there can be a bit of a disconnect. Kaleidoscope is key to bridging this gap. Instead of just waiting, or viewing a repetitive looping video that can become boring and dull, with Kaleidoscope you can create a beautiful and informative experience for your patients or clients while they wait.

Kaleidoscope creates universal appeal so that subtle marketing moments effectively showcase your office. With captivating hand-selected photos and videos, informative content about your services, specials and offers, feeds of industry-related news and content, combined with your own photos, Kaleidoscope is a visually striking in-office marketing tool.

Kaleidoscope draws attention away from the waiting game and helps you build lasting relationships. By providing short snippets of informative content, it suits the attention spans of people waiting in your reception area. Kaleidoscope allows you to influence clients in positive ways by displaying your marketing messages surrounded by hand-selected and entertaining imagery.