Kaleidoscope Announces Strategic Partnership with WildSmiles Braces

Kaleidoscope, a leading digital marketing company for orthodontic and dental practices, is partnering with WildSmiles. As a manufacturer of designer braces that turn orthodontic correction into the ultimate braces experience, WildSmiles is at the forefront of producing fun, whimsical brackets that make orthodontic treatment exciting and entertaining.

Kaleidoscope CEO, Mary Kay Miller, said this about the partnership:

“Kaleidoscope is thrilled to be able to partner with such an innovative and refreshingly creative company like WildSmiles. We feel that their product is something that will resonate with children and create an opportunity for orthodontic offices to set themselves apart from their competition.”

The partnership will make it easier for orthodontic practices to promote WildSmiles to their customers through a variety of media channels including their website, in-office signage and digital displays, and social media.

“With Kaleidoscope, we’re providing our partner practices with a technology-driven marketing solution,” said Davin Bickford, WildSmiles chief operating officer. “It makes it easy to showcase our popular collections as a fun braces option to help practices maximize case acceptance and help patients feel confident and happy with their braces experience.”

The Disney Collection from WildSmiles includes Mickey Mouse-shaped brackets and colored elastics featuring other popular Disney characters. WildSmiles’ original Signature Collection comes in 6 classic bracket shapes, including hearts and stars, and the College Collection offers 19 school mascots. For more information on WildSmiles, visit their website here: https://www.wildsmilesbraces.com/.

You can also find more coverage about this exciting new partnership in the online magazine Orthodontic Products and the digital version of Orthodontic Practice US!