Digital Signage

Kaleidoscope’s technology-driven marketing began with a custom-built robust content management system designed for in-office digital signage and exterior digital signage for orthodontic and dental practices.



The original content manager and its stunning custom content displays are still considered ideal solutions for fast-paced, demanding offices that serve back-to-back-to-back clients every day.


Kaleidoscope’s digital displays and signage eases the tension and transforms the moods of your patients so everyone’s experience is positive, healthy, and happy.


Your personal content manager includes:


  • Complimentary initial customization (just plug ‘n play)
  • Features your practice (team, social media, reviews, contests, services…)
  • Industry-specific educational information
  • 3500+ professionally-designed layouts
  • 50+ monthly auto updates of fresh content (trivia, life tips, nature…)
  • 70+ seasonal/holiday layouts change throughout the year
  • Videos & feeds (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, local weather)
  • Stunning graphics, photos, and videos
  • And much more….


All designed to market orthodontic, dental, and medical practices and to provide valuable marketing services with engaging messages, service announcements, and product offers. 


Team members can easily create personalized and completely custom layouts without any formal graphic design training or expensive software. Everything is created, designed, and published within Kaleidoscope’s content management system. 


You’ll be working with one of our expert marketing project managers who will pre-load and provide stunning layouts ready to be used at a push of a button. They will also offer free onboarding, training, and a comprehensive user guide! Click here to view and download or Kaleidoscope Platform User Guide.


Our technology gives you the freedom, tools, and skills that will make marketing your practice fun, easy, and painless!


If you want your orthodontic practice, dental practice, or medical practice, to stand out from all others then our plug-and-play Kaleidoscope technology-driven marketing and content management system is what you need.


Our team will have your digital marketing and entertainment display up and running quickly. Get started today and reap the benefits of promoting and marketing your practice to patients and their families!