Digital Signage and In-Office Marketing System Testimonials

Kaleidoscope is a tremendous addition to our lobby! Parents and patients have given us so many compliments, and Kaleidoscope continues working for us to bring new and exciting content! It is so compelling, we added a window display to market our practice to passersby – it is our window to the world!”


— Dr. David E. Paquette

Kaleidoscope has been a wonderful internal marketing tool. We are able to showcase our clinical results, highlight treatment options and share updates on our community support and my international lecture schedule. It is easy to use and a breeze to update. Love having Kaleidoscope in our reception area!”


— Dr. Jep Paschal

“It’s been so great having a way to send my message to patients and their parents while they’re in my office. Best of all, I don’t really ever need to think about it.”


— Dr. Glenn Krieger

“Kaleidoscope was so easy to integrate in our office. There is such a great variety of backgrounds, pictures and videos; and the graphic quality is superb. We love the ability to preschedule content for the year (birthdays, contests, holidays…). The possibilities are endless with Kaleidoscope!”


— Dr. Christy Fortney

Kaleidoscope absolutely engages patients in my waiting room. I repeatedly have patients asking me questions in the consult room about things they just saw on my Kaleidoscope display. It’s internal marketing that works!


— Dr. Michael Ragan

“Kaleidoscope was so easy to integrate into my practice! I love how the beautiful graphics and professional look are customized to MY brand. Their customer service is excellent!”


— Dr. Patti Panucci

“Kaleidoscope gives us the opportunity to educate our patients. They keep it fresh by changing content regularly, while still allowing us to get our personal message out. I tried a streaming feed in the waiting room several times, but it was impossible to keep up with until we started using Kaleidoscope. Now it’s easy and consistent.


— Dr. Louis Chmura

“Since using Kaleidoscope we have seen a direct correlation with new patient starts. Everyone keeps talking about the new SLX aligners we are offering. People can meet the team, look at amazing reviews, and see our contest winners. A true game changer for me and my patients.


— Dr. Mario Chorak

I recommend Kaleidoscope with full confidence to all my clients for its efficiency, communication, beauty, ease, and the wonderful customer service by their team of professionals. It brings technology, fun, and information to the reception room.”


— Rosemary Bray, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

I love having Kaleidoscope running in my reception room. What I love about it is that I can do as much or as little as I want as far as customization of what is displayed. It’s totally customizable with photos and videos. And If I choose not to do anything, the display changes each month. I love the ease of it all.

— Dr. Thomas Lee, Premiere Orthodontics, CA

Kaleidoscope is “the Apple product” of this industry. Like Apple products, it’s intuitive, easy to use, has a cool look and overall appeal…it is way ahead of any competition. Some of the other waiting area products I have seen become boring and lose people’s interest way too fast.

This product is designed to put sizzle in your waiting room. I didn’t want something with canned junk that I have no control over. My ultimate goal is not to have it be so technical, but to have creative flexibility. That is key—I want the ability to design an entertaining, yet informative waiting area display, and Kaleidoscope gives me that.

Until Kaleidoscope, nothing out there was equipped to be as eye-catching, flexible, and user-friendly. My staff actually has fun uploading photos and information because it is so easy to use. Patients and parents are mesmerized by it and absolutely love watching it!

— Dr. Phil Parker, Orthodontist/Pediatric Dentist, OK

I love it. I really do. We’ve had calls to our office to let us know how much they enjoy Kaleidoscope. It keeps our patients engaged, while they learn about our practice. We previously had another product in our office and Kaleidoscope is much better! It is Kmart vs. Nordstrom. We give Kaleidoscope great reviews.

— Sharon, Douglas Brown, CA

Kaleidoscope and their team is great! They are very responsive and their attention to detail is always a priority.  I’ve used similar products in the past but there wasn’t a lot of creativity, changes or updates with those products. Kaleidoscope is very user-friendly, my patients rave about the beautiful photos and how soothing it is to watch. I appreciate the fact that I can personalize it with information about my practice, including contests, reward programs, and announcements. Additionally, they have a wonderful library of photos that can be interwoven with our messages to draw people in. It’s been fun to have this as our marketing hub.

— Dr. Boyd Whitlock, Orthodontist, AR

Wonderful! Patients love the vivid pictures, the news and weather feeds, and the customized layouts. It gives our office a high tech, modern feel. Customer support is excellent. Thank you!

— Dr. David Engen, Periodontist and Orthodontist, WA

What I like most about Kaleidoscope is that it pulls people in because there is something interesting on the screen that is not always related to my office—news, weather, sports and entertainment…so they don’t just tune out. People are intrigued to watch the screen, and then learn a few things here and there about my practice, reward program, promotions, contests, and my referral program.

Kaleidoscope’s preset layouts and easy setup were great to get it up and running fast. I like the flexibility it has so that I now can edit or add my own information whenever convenient, or whenever an event comes up. I’m also able to easily cross-promote my two offices.

Like any marketing, you have to show things at least seven times before people act. Kaleidoscope reinforces messages we have on our website, in our on-hold messaging, in our print materials, and things we say verbally to our patients. Some other waiting room products I’ve seen have too much clinical patient education that could confuse or freak people out.

This display gives people something to do while in my reception area instead of just watching TV like I used to have—and it benefits me because of the marketing that is mixed in.

Most importantly, Kaleidoscope is a “feel good” tool for relationship building. It is revolving information for a revolving audience.

— Dr. Bronwen Richards, Orthodontist, IL

Kaleidoscope allows us to promote the things that are important to us in a fun way. We can create our own “slides” or use ones that are pre-designed just for us. Now that the “new” has worn off, we are starting to make it more our own with more photos of patients, event invites, and staff birthday notices. The possibilities of what we can show off, promote and inform are endless!

— Dr. Scott Vincent, Vincent Team Orthodontics, UT

Our patients enjoy all of the fun facts Kaleidoscope provides along with photos and key information about our practice. This make their experience in the waiting room more enjoyable.

— Dr. Eric Haney, Haney Orthodontics, CA

Kaleidoscope has been an amazing upgrade to our office. It’s a great way to keep patients informed, show off before and after photos, and provides great entertainment in our waiting room without the noise of a TV.

— Dr. Lance Albrechtsen, Lance Albrechtsen Orthodontics, UT

Kaleidoscope has made such a difference in our waiting area! We initially purchased it because we were tired of constantly being asked to change this program or that program by patients and their families. It was very challenging to make everyone happy no matter what we had on our TV. After we purchased Kaleidoscope for our waiting area, we liked it so much, that we added Kaleidoscope in our clinical area also. The photos are so vibrant, the tidbits of information are interesting and we love being able to communicate office news and happenings with our patients. Kaleidoscope is also great for introducing new technology to our families. We love our Kaleidoscope!

— Davis and Davis Orthodontics, MI

Awesome tool. It’s everything you need to make your clinic even more professional, fun, engaging, and patient orientated.

— Dr. Rhonda Coyne, nqortho, Queensland, AU

Kaleidoscope has enhanced our lobby greatly. We love to personalize our slides to spotlight our patients and their achievements. We absolutely love the graphics on all the already-made layouts and that Kaleidoscope shows fun facts and vibrant pictures too. This is an awesome addition to anyone’s office.

— Avon Orthodontics, IN

A big THANK YOU to the Kaleidoscope team for making our marketing presentation so easy to create and use! I appreciate the fact that you add new content on a regular basis, so I don’t have to think about it. Your Customer Support team is always ready to help with any changes we want to make and updated graphics, text and photos are great. I highly recommend Kaleidoscope to anyone who wants to present information to their patients in a fun, new way.

— Dr. Robert Burks, DDS, PA, FL

Our office server update caused a glitch for Kaleidoscope. I emailed Kaleidoscope to have them take a look at it. Within just a couple of MINUTES they were logging into our system and fixing the issue. The response time was AMAZING!

— Dr. Steve Yenne, Yenne and Schofield Orthodontics, OR

Kaleidoscope has given our patient’s visual entertainment in the waiting room! Plus, they’re learning more about our office staff, culture, services and our history. They enjoy learning about what is trending and currently going on with news feeds, and weather. What they like most of all is seeing pictures of current events that our staff has attended.

— Dr. Kaz Uyesugi, Uyesugi Dental, CA

Our office loves Kaleidoscope! We have a continuous layout running in our waiting area. It is such a great way to display patient photos, team event photos, office policies, notices and just fun trivia information. The layouts are colorful, interesting and entertaining. We highly recommend Kaleidoscope to all!

— Datwlyer Orthodontics, CA

Kaleidoscope has been a great feature for our reception area! It has been very easy to make personalized slides and the automatic content updates keep it fresh!

— Dr. Robert Olson, Olson Dental, CA

Our Kaleidoscope images are always getting compliments! The quality of photos are superb! It’s wonderful to have freshly updated images without having to do any extra work. We highly recommend Kaleidoscope!

— Dr. Melissa Lee, Melissa K. Lee, DDS, MS, Inc., CA

I cannot imagine the office waiting area without Kaleidoscope! It is so versatile, adaptable, entertaining and educational all at the same time.

— Dr. Beryl Thomas-Blair, Mandeville Orthodontics

We have been using Kaleidoscope in our office for several years and we love it! It’s a great way to market the practice. You can really tell who pays attention as we post special information on our display and reward patients when they mention they saw it on Kaleidoscope.

— Sunnyside Orthodontics, OR

We LOVE Kaleidoscope! As a larger business, we get compliments throughout the entire day on how well put together our “slide show” is. We appreciate the constant freshness of the information, as it is updated thoroughly and never gets old or dull. I also enjoy the fun facts, as we can interact with our patient base, and have a contest, about what the answer will be! Thank you Kaleidoscope!!

— Dr. Charles Reed, Reed Orthodontics, CO

Having Kaleidoscope on our monitor in the waiting area gives our patients and their families a bright and fun display to watch while waiting.

— Gragg Orthodontics, NC

We have been very pleased with Kaleidoscope. It has proven to be an excellent way to communicate with our parents and patients in both the reception and clinical areas. Also, we love the auto displays and how they automatically update with no effort on our part.

— L. Sean Mullins, D.D.S., TN

Kaleidoscope is more than a user-friendly marketing tool. It personalizes our office in a fun way that allows patients to feel connected with us. It provides entertainment, valuable treatment information and announcements for events happening in the office. Our reception area is the perfect place for families to get to know us better through Kaleidoscope, which enhances the top notch customer service that we strive to provide always.

— Parker Orthodontics, CO

We have been using Kaleidoscope now for 5 years. It has been a highly successful part of our internal marketing. We think of it as our œsilent partner that sits in the corner all day quietly demanding the attention of our patients and parents. We enjoy being able to customize our display with all of our patient before and after photos. We also use it to share information about our practice, staff, and the treatment options we have available. We decided to mount our display vertically, making it even more eye-catching when patients first enter the reception area. The support staff has been very responsive to our requests to modify layout formats to better fit our needs. We are extremely pleased with what Kaleidoscope has added to our practice.

— Dr. William Brown, Brown Orthodontics, NC

One of the highlights of our office renovation 6 years ago was redesigning our reception area. We wanted to create a comfortable space for patients and their families to be able to enjoy. Installing Kaleidoscope was a big part of that renovation. It is fun to see kids trying to figure out the trivia or reading a fun fact. Also, having the ability to create custom messages is a huge asset. The custom messages we have created about referrals and tax receipts have been very helpful. We have installed screens not only in our reception area but also in our New Patient Exam Room and our Records Room. The Kaleidoscope screen helps us to welcome patients new to our office and help them to learn more about us and our practice in a friendly, fun way.

— Dr. Bill Mulgrew, Okanagan Orthodontics, BC

I have had Kaleidoscope for years and am thrilled with the response from patients. Many look forward to coming back and seeing what is new from visit to visit. What sets Kaleidoscope apart from similar products is that they are constantly adapting, evolving, and improving. I think our waiting room is much more engaging, educational, and just plain fun. Thank you!

— Dr. David Engen, Periodontist and Orthodontist, WA

Our office has a mission to educate our patients and their families as to the value of orthodontic treatment and the services we offer. We believe that families make the best treatment decisions when they are educated and are more likely to refer family and friends. I think that Kaleidoscope is a great tool to educate our patient families while they wait for their appointments, and does so in a subtle way. The way Kaleidoscope is set up allows each office to customize their messages and has the flexibility to run with as little or as much input each office wants to contribute. I think Kaleidoscope delivers great value!

— Dr. Timothy McReath, McReath Orthodontics, WI

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