The Best 3 Contest Ideas for Orthodontic Offices

Running a contest in your office can certainly have its perks. If you have run contests in the past, you probably felt some of the challenges that come with creating and conducting them successfully.

The goal of your contests should be: To create as much exposure as possible to people outside of your current network by getting your current social network to create a buzz about you online.

It sounds simple. It can be tough.

Common Orthodontic Contest Challenges

  • How do I market my contest?
  • How do I do something fun, and different that people will actually care about?
  • How do I get as many people engaged as possible?
  • What is a prize that will get attention?

All fair questions! Let’s dive in.

What you’ll need: Great prizes and great contest ideas. People recognize cheezyness from a mile away. They will not post something to their story unless there is something truly worth winning. Free movie tickets and a box of candy ain’t cutting it! 

Think big! 

This is a marketing investment, buying eyeballs from real people in your community that don’t know you, yet. It’s worth spending money on.

Best Prizes for Orthodontic Patient Contests

  • Customized Nike sneakers
  • Take 8-10 friends with a family member out to lunch in a limo. Picking them up after school on a half day with a big splash at the front door gives great buzz not only on social but around the school itself.
  • Stanley Water Bottle with a $500 Amazon Gift card inside.
  • 2-4 Concert Tickets to a big-name artist coming to town. What’s up, Post Malone!
  • Anything Apple
  • $500 Visa Gift Card.

Okay, so now you understand the goal. You understand the prizes. What contest should you run? Here are three awesome orthodontic contest ideas:

Orthodontic Contest Idea #1: You Brushed Where?? 

What: Invite your patients to take a picture of themselves brushing their teeth in the most creative and unique place they can think of. You will get some typical entries, like airplane bathroom, or upside down on the monkey bars. The winning entries are typically awesome, like riding a roller coaster, scuba diving, or even skydiving!

How: Have them post a photo to their IG story, and tag your practice. That’s it. If you make it too complicated, they won’t do it.

When: This is a great contest to run during the summer months when vacation season is in full swing! It can last 2-3 months.

Your job: Pay close attention to every single entry! Screenshot them, print them out, and hang the photos on a wall in your lobby to attract more entries and attention. You also need to REPOST all IG stories to your own story!

The winner: Have your staff vote on the best photo or most unique place to brush. Then make a big deal about it online! Invite them into your office to collect their prize and have them hold it up and take a picture with the doctor and/or staff. Use this time to announce your NEXT contest, so that people get excited for their chance to win.

Orthodontic Contest Idea #2: My Pet Can Smile 

What: Invite your patients to take a photo of their pet smiling, and post to IG. That’s it!

How: Have patients post a photo of themselves and their happy pet on their IG story and tag the practice. 

When: Anytime of year, but great for winter months when no one is traveling or outside.

Your job: Repost all stories you are tagged in, and print out all photos and hang them on the wall in your office.

The winner: Pick your favorite photo!

Orthodontic Contest Idea #3: Feet o’ Floss

What: Fill a clear glass jar with dental floss, and invite your patients to guess the number of feet of floss that are inside.

How: To enter, patients need to take a picture of the jar, share it to their story, tag the practice and type in their guess as a number on their IG story.

When: Anytime of year.

Your Job: Repost all stories. Document entries and guesses, and print out all the guess and hang the photos on your wall.

The winner: This one is obvious… whoever is closest!

You may have picked up a theme across these three contests. 

  1. They make participating incredibly easy.
  2. They can only enter by tagging you in their IG / FB story.
  3. It is crucial to print out the photos and highlight the participants in your office. There is incredible power with social proof. If people see other people participating, it makes them more likely to participate. 

Good luck and happy contesting!