Platform Training Videos

Below are short training videos for the Kaleidoscope Platform. If you have additional questions please contact us, we are here to help!

Getting Started

  1. Logging in and Getting Started 
  2. Changing your password and personal information
  3. Adding New Facebook Output
  4. Adding New Instagram Output
  5. Changing Output Name

Content Library

  1. Uploading Images
  2. Uploading Videos
  3. Adding Web Feeds
  4. Adding Facebook Page for Digital Signs
  5. Adding Web Videos

Publishing & Posting Content

  1. What type of content can be added/posted to each output?
  2. Publishing and Posting Content from Output Page
  3. Publishing and Posting Content from Layouts Library
  4. Publishing and Posting Content from Content Library


A. Types of Layouts

  1. Preset Layouts – What are they?
  2. Blank Layouts – What are they?
  3. My Layouts – What are they?

B. Creating & Editing Layouts

  1. Creating Full Screen Layouts
  2. Custom Layouts – Create Your Own Theme
  3. Creating Custom Layouts
  4. Changing the Theme

Consult Displays

  1. Multiple Displays Settings