Why Custom Content is Important to Your Orthodontic Marketing

You may have heard the phrase “content is king”. But what in the world does that even mean? (and who does that make the queen?)

As medieval sounding as a king and queen may be, the message is very much 21’st century. Content is EVERYTHING when it comes to marketing your business or practice, and without making it a primary focus, all other marketing efforts reap a fruitless result.

Why? There is so much “noise” in our world today.

“Buy this to change your life!!”

“Sign up today and save 20%”

“Lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks”

Why Custom Content is Considered the King

Our brains have actually learned to tune out most of this noise, and only focus on things that are important and meaningful to us.

THAT, is where powerful content comes into play. The right content can break through the noise, and strike right at the heart strings if used correctly. Good content is content that really matters to the audience. Nobody has time for the other stuff!

Okay, imagine a mom patiently waiting as her 7 year old son is getting his teeth cleaned at the dentist. Now, as any mom will tell you, she will probably soak in every moment of the silence. Maybe use the time to check her phone, read a book, or just close her eyes for a moment! (Mom’s deserve that.)

But then… something breaks through the noise. Something that matters. Something more important than a discount, or a way to save time in her busy schedule.

She sees a thoughtful message about how important it is to have a 7-year old orthodontic consultation and how that can help a growing child.

Mom had no idea. Mom didn’t see an orthodontist until she was in the 8th grade to get braces, and mom wasn’t planning on taking her 7 year old to see an orthodontist anytime soon! Why would she? Her son is 7!

How Content Can Empower People To Act

Now… after seeing the message she knows the importance of an orthodontic consult at a young age. This is all thanks to simple but critical messaging sent at the right time to the right people. So now the practice of producing content that matters begins to have much more meaning that it did before.

Basic takeaway: if the messaging you are sending out isn’t going to matter to someone, it won’t matter to anyone.

We can help focus your content so it positions your practice as a thought leader guiding the way to healthy solutions for your community. Feel free to reach out to me with questions about the importance of content and how it can benefit your marketing goals and help support your future growth.

When it comes to digital online marketing it’s helpful to have an expert team to lead your orthodontic marketing strategy. Kaleidoscope 2.0 Digital Marketing specializes in technology-driven marketing for orthodontic practices and dental offices. Call us today at 800-387-0121 for a custom evaluation and strategic consultation.

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