Our Marketing Services

Q: What digital services does Kaleidoscope offer?

A: Website Design, SEO Management, Social Media & Advertising Services, Reputation Management, Email Marketing Services.

Our Technology Platform

Q: Do you have a User Guide for the Kaleidoscope Platform?

A: Yes! Click here to view and download the Kaleidoscope Platform User Guide.

Q: With which outputs does Kaleidoscope’s platform connect?

A: Kaleidoscope connects with outputs including interior/exterior digital signage TV displays (waiting room, consult room, window, or outside), social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and even to your WordPress website!

Q: What is the pricing?

A: Please contact us to learn more about our pricing. We customize each package to your practice’s unique needs! 

Q: How do I make changes to my Kaleidoscope?

A: Go to our website and click on the “Client Login” text button in the top right corner.

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Q: What if my office already has a full time marketing person?

A:  Perfect! Kaleidoscope will provide them with the most advanced way to seamlessly communicate across multiple platforms in a more time-efficient manner.

Q: Is Kaleidoscope easy to use?

A: Very much so! If you need help, we are always happy to walk you through something.

Q: Can someone teach a new team member how to use Kaleidoscope?

Definitely. Just give our Support line a call and we’ll walk them through it. 

How Our Platform Works with Digital Signage

Q: Can I have Kaleidoscope pull in my Facebook and Twitter feeds?

A: Yes! We have multiple, pre-made Facebook and Twitter layouts that will pull directly from your feeds! 

Q: Do I use my TV remote with Kaleidoscope?

A: Nope! When it’s time to log in, you’ll be using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that we include with your broadcaster unit.

Q: Can my Kaleidoscope be displayed outside?

A: Yes! TVs can be placed in a window facing outside or be placed outside in weather-proof, exterior TV enclosures. 

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Q: How do I make a custom layout?

A: Once you’re logged in, you want to click on the “Layouts” tab at the top of your screen. Then you will see another set of tabs, and the last one says “Custom layouts”. Click on that to go to a page where you can make a layout from scratch.

Q: How do I upload a picture?

A: Once you’re logged in, click on the “Content Library” tab at the top of your screen. That will take you to your Content Library, on the right side of the screen there is a button labeled “Add Image”. Click on that to add new images to your library.

Q: Help! I can’t find the picture I just uploaded.

A: Usually when this happens the orientation of the picture you uploaded does not match the orientation of the image block in your layout. If you uploaded a “Landscape” orientated photo, then the image block in your layout must match.

Q: How do I delete layouts?

A: If you want to delete a layout from your playlist, click on the little trash can on the layout toolbar.

Q: Will my Kaleidoscope update automatically?

A: Yes, if you are opted in to receive automatic updates, you will get new seasonal layouts, interesting facts, life tips, trivia, and fun imagery each month.

Q: Can I have multiple playlists?

A: You can make an “Instant Display” playlist. This is a temporary Playlist that you can set up to run for a limited amount of time.

Q: Can I show videos in Kaleidoscope?

A: Yes! You can upload videos to your library or you can embed YouTube or Facebook videos.

Q: Can I show customer/patient reviews on my Kaleidoscope?

A: Of course! We have premade layouts that pull from Google Reviews and Yelp.

Q: Can I show our YouTube page on Kaleidoscope?

A: You can embed videos directly from your YouTube page.

Q: Can I show GIFs on Kaleidoscope?

A: No, however you can upload videos!

Q: Do you do customization for us?

A: Yes! When you sign up we send you a questionnaire with questions about your office, and then we customize your library and playlist for you! Of course, you can go in and make changes after, yet all the initial customization is done for you!

Q: Does Kaleidoscope play music?

A: No, yet you can upload videos with sound to your library and embed YouTube or Facebook videos.

Q: Can I run Kaleidoscope on multiple TVs?

A: Yes! Kaleidoscope can be shown on multiple TVs by using a splitter or additional HDMI cables.

Q: How do I reconnect to the Internet?

A: You’re going to want to click on the “Help” button on the upper right hand corner, then click on the option for “Network Connections”. This will show you all the available networks, once you find yours all you need to do is enter in your password and you are good to go.

Q: Can I use any mouse or keyboard?

A: We do provide a keyboard and mouse when we sent you your Kaleidoscope computer, but if you happen to lose it you are able to use any mouse or keyboard that uses a USB port.

Q: Can I change the orientation of my TV?

When you fill out that initial questionnaire we customize for whichever option you choose, and that does lock you into the orientation that is set to your account.   We have had offices change their mind, but that would require a whole new customization because everything is tailor made for you.

Q: How does Instant Display work?

A: Instant display allows you to add/choose layouts you are wanting to play for a limited period of time. If your office is having a weekly team meeting, you could choose to have a handful of pertinent layouts run for an hour or so. Once that hour is up, your playlist will revert back to what you usually have playing.

Q: Are there premade Holiday layouts I can use?

A: Yes! We have a bunch already uploaded into your layout library as well as adding new ones with the “Automatic Updates” each month!

Q: Is it WIFI or Ethernet?

A: That’s up to you! Either works just fine.

Q: Can I update Kaleidoscope from home?

A: You can update your Kaleidoscope anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and either Chrome or Mozilla browser.

Q: Is the broadcaster unit mine to keep?

A: Yes

Q: Does it matter what type of TV I use?

A: HD 1080P is preferred

Q: Does Kaleidoscope use a lot of bandwidth?

A: Kaleidoscope uses around 1.25 GB per day