Our Marketing Services

Website Design, SEO Management, Social Media & Advertising Services, Reputation Management, Email Marketing Services.

Our Technology Platform

Kaleidoscope connects with outputs including interior/exterior digital signage TV displays (waiting room, consult room, window, or outside), social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and even to your WordPress website!

Please contact us to learn more about our pricing. We customize each package to your practice’s unique needs! 

Go to our website and click on the “Client Login” text button in the top right corner.

How Our Platform Works with Digital Signage

Yes! You can link any twitter feed, as well as your Google and Yelp reviews. For review links it will only display 5-star reviews. 

Nope, it is only needed to turn on your TV or adjust your TV settings. When it’s time to login, you’ll be using a keyboard and mouse that we include with your broadcaster unit.

Yes! TVs can be placed in a window facing outside or be placed outside in weather-proof, exterior TV enclosures.