Kaleidoscope Marketing partners with WildSmiles Braces

Kaleidoscope, a leading digital marketing company for orthodontic and dental practices, is partnering with WildSmiles. As a manufacturer of designer braces that turn orthodontic correction into the ultimate braces experience, WildSmiles is at the forefront of producing fun, whimsical brackets that make orthodontic treatment exciting and entertaining.

The partnership will make it easier for orthodontic practices to promote WildSmiles to their customers through a variety of media channels including their website, in-office signage and digital displays, and social media. Kaleidoscope CEO, Mary Kay Miller, said this about the partnership:

“Kaleidoscope is thrilled to be able to partner with such an innovative and refreshingly creative company like WildSmiles. We feel that their product is something that will resonate with children and create an opportunity for orthodontic offices to set themselves apart from their competition.”


Kaleidoscope, a leading digital marketing company for orthodontic and dental practices, has named Mary Kay Miller as Chief Executive Officer to lead the company forward. Ms. Miller, a 40-year veteran of the orthodontic industry, was the first Internet marketing consultant specializing in orthodontics in the early 2000s.

As CEO, Ms. Miller will oversee all aspects of Kaleidoscope's operations. The company continues on an upward growth trajectory and features a full suite of marketing solutions including website development, social media, digital advertising, reputation management, SEO, Google Business services, graphic design, patient outreach, and referral marketing.

As the founder of Kaleidoscope subsidiary Orthopreneur Internet Marketing, Ms. Miller has helped hundreds of orthodontists, general dentists, pediatric dentists, and oral surgeons establish their businesses online. She has an extensive background in web design and SEO, as well as years of experience as a business and marketing coordinator in orthodontic private practice management. It is that knowledge and expertise that leads the charge of Kaleidoscope helping all its clients grow their business.

Ms. Miller shared, "I am excited for this opportunity to guide Kaleidoscope forward. Now, more than ever, marketing is essential to the success of any orthodontic or dental practice. In 2022 and beyond, the emphasis on Internet and digital marketing will only increase. That is why I am confident that the Kaleidoscope technology-driven marketing platform is an excellent fit to help our clients succeed. I am also proud of the positive culture we have built at Kaleidoscope, and look forward to leading the company through its next phase of growth."


Podium has selected Kaleidoscope as an agency partner in the orthodontic space. Podium is a communication and payments platform that is the industry leader in providing businesses with the ability to easily generate customer reviews, collect payments, and communicate with their patients/customers via text messaging. Kaleidoscope provides a One Stop Shop for orthodontic practice marketing.

Kaleidoscope’s full range of orthodontic-specific marketing capabilities complement Podium’s broad communication capabilities. With the combined solution, orthodontic practices can now benefit from a simplified process of patient communication - from prospecting to follow-up.

“We are thrilled to partner with Kaleidoscope in order to enhance the value that we jointly provide to orthodontic practices,” said Brad Jenson, EVP of business development at Podium.  


Kaleidoscope, the leading digital marketing company for orthodontic practices announces our descriptive, illustrative journey through our new One Stop Shop's Wheel of Services...first stop:

Social Media Marketing

Chief Executive Officer, Ted Teele offers this, "Social media marketing has become increasingly more important for doctors as a vital part of their overall marketing strategy. Research shows that 86% of people check out a practice online before making an appointment. What will they find on your social-media pages? Kaleidoscope's social media marketing 'spoke' in our Wheel of Services provides a really fantastic digital capability for every orthodontic, dental and medical practice."


Kaleidoscope, the leading digital marketing company for orthodontic practices, has created a One Stop Shop for its clients.

The company has integrated all existing and new marketing services into a ‘whole’ package for doctors to utilize in order to compete more fully in today’s Technology-Driven, Digital Marketplace.

With Kaleidoscope’s Wheel of Services, a practitioner can choose one or all from the following menu of technology-driven services:  Website optimized for SEO, Digital Advertising, Social Media Management, Reputation Management, Google My Business Optimization, Patient and Dentist Referral Generation, DIY Marketing Platform, Digital Signage, and Graphic Design. 


Kaleidoscope, the leading digital marketing company for orthodontic, dental, and medical practices, has joined forces with Orthopreneur Internet Marketing, which specializes in website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM) for the orthodontic and dental industries.

Under the new Kaleidoscope umbrella, the company will integrate all of the marketing services that an orthodontist, dentist, or medical practice needs to grow their business in today’s digital marketplace.

Under the leadership of experienced tech CEO Ted Teele, Kaleidoscope is building new products and implementing a rapid growth strategy to meet the ever-changing demands of online marketing to modern consumers.


Kaleidoscope, a leading digital marketing company for orthodontic, dental, and medical practices, has hired Ted Teele as CEO to drive its growth strategy.  Mr. Teele, a Harvard MBA and digital marketing expert, has 25+ years of experience running technology companies (including 2 similar to Kaleidoscope in different industries). He will be responsible for all aspects of Kaleidoscope’s operations, including the implementation of the company’s product transformation and rapid growth strategies. He initially got involved with the company as a consultant in Q2, 2020.

Kaleidoscope Founder Charis Santillie said: “We are thrilled that Ted is bringing his considerable experience, passion, and talent to Kaleidoscope. We see an enormous opportunity for a technology-driven marketing company that provides a one stop shop for orthodontic, dental and medical practices, and Ted is helping us quickly implement that vision.”

Mr. Teele shared, “I am delighted to join Charis and the rest of the Kaleidoscope team. Effective marketing is increasingly important to orthodontic, dental, and medical practices, and the Kaleidoscope technology-driven marketing platform is an excellent fit to help these practices grow. I was also impressed with the excellent culture that Charis has created.”