Healthcare Digital Signage Marketing

Kaleidoscope is an ideal in-office marketing system for use in healthcare digital signage marketing. Fast-paced private and group practices often function within demanding schedules, seeing many patients back-to-back-to-back every day. Healthcare lobbies and waiting room areas are frequently inundated with stressed and nervous patients and families. Kaleidoscope allows patients to engage with their healthcare providers in a direct, personal way that eases anxiety and changes the whole mood of the waiting room without taking any time away from the doctor’s and staff’s already packed workdays.

Kaleidoscope preset layouts have been designed to include content and images to fit any waiting room area in any practice. You can also create your own layouts with the utmost professionalism for a polished appearance every time. Kaleidoscope is easy to use and successfully engages your patients with valuable messages about your care and healthcare services. Our plug-and-play Kaleidoscope system will have you up and running quickly and reaping the benefits of stronger relationships with valued patients and their families.